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Choosing Furniture

"Custom furniture allows clients to create pieces that reflect their disctinct style..
And fit perfectly into their space"

If you have any questions regarding furniture that is not available in stores, please contact us about San Diego's unique from the trade only furniture suppliers. Our selection is beautiful, affordable and sourced from thousands of available vendors. From the perfect fabrics to the coordinating area rug it ends up on, we've got you covered ~!

Decorating/Designing Ideas - Choosing Furniture

It's very practical to select furniture and furnishings that you could use in any room in your home. Here are some tips on choosing furniture and accessory pieces that can work well in small or large rooms, offer storage, and can be moved around the house when you need to.

1. Unless you have a large home, select furniture and accessories on a small scale. They'll fit into most spaces as you move them around in your home. This will also make them easier to move.

2. Storage is in short supply in most homes. Select furniture pieces that offer drawers or hanging space, such as a chest of drawers or an armoire. They can be used in a bedroom, foyer, living room, mudroom, and more.

3. When furnishing a living room or family room, choose 2 loveseats or a detachable sectional, rather than one huge sofa. They'll be easier to move and can be used forming a corner seating area, opposite each other to create a conversation spot, or separately in different rooms of your home.

4. Select a pleasing natural or neutral color such as tan, camel, navy, dark green, or black, for upholstered furniture pieces. This color will be your "anchor" color. Make sure the fabric is durable so it holds up under years of use.

5. Gather together a collection of pillows, fabrics, and accessories that harmonize with your anchor color. You'll be able to change the look with the seasons, giving your furniture a new, fresh look throughout the year. On a green loveseat for example, you might choose yellow floral pillows for summer and camel tapestry pillows for fall.

6. Use slipcovers to change the look of sofas and chairs without making a big investment.

7. Be creative with tables. Choose interesting bases and use plate glass for the top. Or make your own side tables (round or rectangular) of plywood, then cover with an undercloth of felt (for softness) and a decorative tablecloth of coordinating fabric. Use these in a living room or as nightstands by a bed.

8. Buy lamps, vases, side chairs, and pillows in pairs. They'll add symmetry and continuity to a room. As you move, they will also offer the option of using each piece in a separate room if necessary.

9. Choose a color scheme and stick to it. Start with white or your anchor color and select fabrics and accessories to compliment the color scheme. If you carry the colors throughout your home, you'll be able to move furniture and accessories from room to room. They'll look great wherever you place them.

10. Again about storage: If you're short on built-in storage like closets, try to select furnishings that have storage in them, such as a coffee table with drawers or a cabinet at the entry instead of an open table. You'll be amazed what a difference just one drawer or shelf makes.

11. When you're arranging furniture, try to think 'outside the box'. Use furniture or accessories in unexpected ways.. Such as a loveseat at the end of a bed, or a big dresser that holds video tapes. Angle that rug.

12. Don't be afraid to experiment! Find what works best for you in your present situation. If you've selected items with versatility in mind, all throughout, you'll end up with an arrangement that's just right. Remember, you don't just want it to look good, let it be functional.

If you have any question regarding affordable furniture that is NOT available in store, contact us about San Diego's unique from the trade only furniture . It's beautiful and affordable and sourced from thousands of available vendors.

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