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Designing Childrens Rooms

Designing & Decorating Children's Rooms
By Corena Lea Kessel, Interior Designer - Design Wise San Diego

Do you remember your room when you were a child?


I think most of us can go back and describe our room at a time it mattered most. A child’s bedroom should reflect a space where discovery and imagination can happen freely. This will be a place where your child will spend some time. During these years their bedroom will become a space where they will make some of their first choices on what they like and don’t like. Let’s talk a bit about making this not only fun, but functional AND a big easy for you!


  • Make a Chalk or Dry Erase Board into an entire wall.

  • Does your child have a favorite movie or theme? There are digital imaged wall coverings that will adhere to a wall just like wall paper.

  • Go with Earth Tone’s when picking paint colors so you can accent that room with whatever colors they may fall in love with, as they age.

  • Place some rope between 2 eyehooks and use clothespins to display art work and projects.

  • Shape your own Pin Board along the center of the wall for pictures. You can also cover that pin board in any kind of fabric for some fun color accents.


  • Use Microfiber or Sunbrella Fabrics, they are easy to wipe up and actually repel messiness.

  • Bunk Beds with a desk or storage will give you ultimate function along with being super fun for the kiddies!

  • Headboards can be wrapped in any fun fabric or create the illusion of one by having a bookcase on either side, and putting a picture over the bed. This will also give you extra storage.

  • Swap that dresser for a fun Accent Chair and put the drawers under the bed. There are some fun storage beds out there!

  • Give them some sort of Table - it can be a spot where they do their homework and play games.


  • Use nightlights. Nightlights will give your children comfort between dreams and help avoid any tripping or falling over things during a half sleep walk to the bathroom. They come in many styles and sizes.

  • Put a Reading Lamp on the nightstand if your child reads. If they don’t it will actually encourage it!

  • Let them pick out a decorative light switch. They are easy to swap out.

  • Make sure that the Window Shade’s or Treatment’s on their window has a continuous cord and is able to be easily opened so they can let fresh air and light in during the day.

  • Hanging Paper Lanterns are also fun, and make story time that much cozier.


  • Build their Closets up and give them a step stool so they can use this space for organizing some of their toys or accessories.

  • Add a Canopy over their bed and they will feel like they are sleeping in a fort.

  • Accessorize with frames, lamp shades, bedding and accent rugs.

  • If they have enough room by their window, make a window seat - they will Love It!

  • Add some plants and let them have that fish, turtle or frog in their room. Nature is always a great accessory.

  • Keep the TV in the Family Room.