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Corena provided the vision and guidance which enabled me to convert my newly purchased house into the warm and comfortable home of my dreams! I could not have accomplished this beautiful transformation without her influence, technical knowledge and above all support and understanding.”
Derek ~ Cardiff CA
Being a guy, an interior decorator was the last thing on my mind! To me it just seemed like money spent on things I didn't need. When I bought my house I thought it was move in condition, but once I spent some time there I realized how plain and stoic it was. My interior was pretty much a single color throughout, your basic off-yellow and the kitchen really needed work. Corena picked a color scheme that just makes my place pop. My kitchen is totally transformed and I love having people over to show it off! I feel so at home and relaxed in my environment, which is very important since I work out of the house.

Corena really spent time understanding my environment and how I would live in it, something that never even crossed my mind. Her advice and experience in the whole process made it easy, painless and very stress free! Thank you Corena and I'm not afraid of color anymore!!! You Rock!!!”
Andy ~ Carlsbad, CA
I’ve been in business for about 15 years so I’ve seen a lot of fads & styles come and go. I’ve also worked with more then a few designers & color experts. Corena by far puts in the time with the home owners to make sure the colors work from room to room. She has been very easy to work with and has great taste in colors and were to put them. Working with her is always a feather in my cap and you get a show piece to call home.”
Steve Fins, Owner ~ Those Painters
We have had the great pleasure of working on many projects with Corena of Design Wise. Our contributions to these projects have been primarily in the flooring stages. Corena has brought us in to install wood, carpet, tile and stone. Since we are often the last trade prior to furnishings, we have the opportunity to see the transformation from beginning to end. Corena has a unique gift that serves her well in interior design. Many designers tend to impress their own likes and tendencies into the design package, resulting in similar project designs. Corena has the ability to get to know a clients preferences and feelings and then assemble a package based on the client’s desires. The changes that we have witnessed have been remarkable. Some have been very drastic and stunning. Yet others have been subtle and conservative. Each project has been a pleasant experience for us. Corena is fun to work with, energetic and excited about each job. She really loves her work and it shows in each complete package. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Corena‘s expertise in my own home.”
Paul Wimsatt, Owner ~ Wimsatt Carpet Works
I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Corena for over six years now. I am a local artist providing sculpted art work, murals and faux applications in the San Diego and Orange county areas and have participated in several projects with Corena for her clients. Corena is a delight to work with. She is extremely professional and confident in her approach while making the client feel at ease by keeping in constant communication with all professionals involved. She is highly organized in making sure every detail is addressed in a timely manner. Keeping everything convenient for her clients is her top priority! Corena is one of the best I've worked with and is capable of tackling any design challenge with an enthusiastic creative solution, making the final outcome of her projects one of perfection. Corena is truly one of my favorite people to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone tackling any home improvement project of any size.”
Carrie Geisler, Owner/Artist ~ CC Creations and Feathermoon Creations
There came a time in my life when it seemed that everything took a downhill turn. A personal tragedy, changing careers, a single mom and moving into a home that was a wreck. There wasn't much I could do about the personal tragedy, career, and everything going on outside my home, but I knew that I had to make a change in how I felt inside my domain, my sanctuary, my home.

I had met with about seven different "Interior Designers" only to realize that they had only one plan, and that was "their" plan. Well, needless to say their plans didn't work for me and they were all the same, bright colors, exotic furniture, all things that would have made me go over the edge! Then at the Home Convention, I saw this young, bright eyed, energetic young woman, with an aura shouting "Nuclear comfort". We chatted, made an appointment to meet and I left with the paperwork to be filled out.

I must say, I am, perhaps what you would call a difficult, complex, and often complicated person to figure out, especially because I wouldn't know what I liked if it hit me in the face, but I definitely know what I don't like. Ugh!!! To make a long story short, I am a collector of eclectic things. Corena came in like a sponge, soaking up the entire magical aura that she needed as we chatted. She came over with some samples, hitting the nail right on the head! Wow! I was impressed, no stressing on my part, not at the start, not at the middle, nor the end.

My house was contractor tract home finish - white and tight as we like to call it in the business...and I am in the business. One thing led to another and two years later, my "Home" was completed! I had never had color on walls my whole life, and here at 50, I am at peace with it and loving it at the same time - never to go back. Everyone that sees my home, loves it, but not more than I. Before we finished the last touches, I had gone back to work, and can now come home to a relaxing, easy on the eye, calming, and peaceful place. Needless to say, not all has turned around in my life...but Corena sure made my home a personal palace to make it all go away and it improved my health!

I cannot thank Corena enough...through the whole process, never a smile waned, nor a show of frustration. There are always bumps in the road, but my Corena smoothed them all out, before I even arrived. My neighbors are envious, and some have hired her...and they are happy...but as we all know, it takes someone really special to come into, what you want to be your home, get to know you on a personal level, and create a dream, that would have stayed a dream. I love to come home now!

Corena is a very special person, with an extraordinary rare talent, to transform the ordinary into your own! Thanks for making all aspects of my life easier to deal with when I come HOME”
Tania V. Gentry
Marketing, Land Developing and Home Building
Gentry Companies, Honolulu, Hawaii Creations
Special Education Paraeducator SDUSD, SDHS-MVPA
Mom of Twins
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