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Our Approach

Depending on your personal preferences, the nature of your project, and your budgetary considerations, Design Wise will transform your surroundings, maximizing the value you receive from our services. It is our goal to intimately understand the desires and budgets of our clients. In other words, we listen ~!

    Free Initial Consultation

After the initial phone consultation, we will schedule an in-home consultation and will spend an hour or two with you in order to get a thorough understanding of your design taste and wants. From this develops an in-depth client profile which is the birth of your project. Of course we have our professional preferences, but will never impose our style on you the client. We identify styles you prefer and guide you through all the choices you make to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations and reflects your personality, not ours. By being at your home, we are also able to visualize our own strategy. You get a chance to understand the services that you will need for your design project. Keep in mind, we help our clients as little or as much as they like.

    The Design Agreement

The design agreement documents the scope of services needed for us to complete your vision. Our one time design fee pays for the time it will take me to prepare a presentation(s) for each phase of your project. I will begin work on your presentation as soon as I receive the signed design agreement and design fee.

    The Presentation

Presentations take place where it is most comfortable for our clients. While there, we will lay out a plan for your home beautification project. Your presentation will include, if appropriate, space planning, color coordination, window treatment designs, furniture selection, wall treatments and coordinating fabrics for all of the above based on the information gathered in our initial consultation. At the end of your presentation, I will have all of the information needed to quote you for your complete design project.

    The Quote
The quote will be organized room-by-room detailing the price of each product or service that was presented. You should use the quote to indicate what you choose to purchase now and what you choose to purchase later. I will use the quote sheet to make up the sales orders.

    The Sales Order

The Sale Order (SO) is a contract between the client and Design Wise to purchase the items described for the prices stated and must be signed by you. Design Wise requires our clients to place their deposts before any products are ordered, and we will then provide an estimated time for delivery and installation of the various products that you ordering through Design Wise.

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