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Why do you need us?

Just the thought is sometimes intimidating to people. In truth, interior designers in San Diego and Cardiff will make your home and life more livable and enjoyable. We provide you with a specialized and trusted team, tailored to your specific needs no matter how large or small your project may be. 

In this day where value is ultimately important, an interior designer can actually save you money. How many times have you purchased what you thought was the perfect peice and when you got it home you found it looked great alone but doesn't fit well in your environment. If you are lucky, it is returnable. If not, you now own a piece that doesn’t work well in your home. A San Diego interior designer like Design Wise will be able to bring sources and ideas to you that will work the first time.

You need a designer if:
  • When you look at fabrics and paint, are there so many choices that you just don't know where to start?
  • Did you start to redecorate your room and buy a few nice pieces, but just don't know what to do with them?
  • Are having trouble agreeing on what to do?
  • Do you own a house with character and don't know how to decorate?
  • Are you finally at the stage where you want to coordinate the colors and style of your whole home but don't know how?
  • Have you seen some pieces of furniture or fabrics that are available "to the trade only"?
  • Do you have good taste but need someone else to put it all together?
  • Do you have a particular look in mind but don't know how to achieve it?
  • Founded by Corena Kessel, our principal designer and owner, Design Wise - Interiors by Corean Lea is an interior design firm located in Cardiff CA, near San Diego. Our resources are endless. Call us at (760) 877-3288.

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